Maintaining Your Weight Loss for Long Term Heartburn Acid Reflux Relief

Heartburn acid reflux causes isn’t the only reason that you should regularly exercise and maintain your weight-friendly diet, but it is – surprisingly enough – an important motivator.  It may not seem this way at first, but as you develop your habits and learn to maintain your weight loss, you’ll find that the exercise you include in your lifestyle change for improving your heartburn acid reflux symptom leaves you feeling energized and very positive.  This is because exercise releases endorphins, which are chemicals that allow you to feel better and happier.  Furthermore, endorphins help with digestion and minimize the sensation of pain, meaning that exercise will directly benefit the reduction of symptoms. 

That being said, heartburn acid reflux sufferers should be aware that not every exercise is right for them.  It is important that low impact exercises be selected in order to avoid stimulating reflux.  Timing is also important for your exercising, as heightened activity too soon after eating can also encourage reflux.  The best exercises are those that allow you to remain somewhat upright, as opposed to reclining too much.  For example, weight lifting that requires you to lie on your back will create a larger risk of acid reflux than bicep curls. Similarly, cyclists riding stationary bikes are at a lower risk than those who ride street bikes or mountain bikes as they are not jostled around from the bumps in the road or trail.  The same thing goes for any kind of exercise that causes you to bounce around, including running.  Similarly, many people find that weight machines are much more acid reflux-friendly than free weights.

When you know you will be exercising, build a habit of eating an especially light meal ahead of time, and waiting a little while before you get started.  The food that you choose before exercising should be quite low in fats and proteins.  High carbohydrate foods eaten two or more hours in advance should help you to avoid discomfort as you work out.  Furthermore, though you likely already know that drinking water is crucial to healthy exercise, it is especially important to you if you suffer from heartburn acid reflux, as it will allow you to remain hydrated, and will help to neutralize any acids that happen to be in your stomach as you exercise.  If you want something a little different on occasion, try watering down sports drinks to add a bit of flavor to your hydration.

Speak to your doctor to help choose the right exercises and timing for you.  You will likely receive recommendations for toning, stretching, aerobics, and rest.  Take each of these elements seriously and follow the suggested activities carefully.  Keep in mind that everybody has their own reaction to different foods and activities, so what may work for someone else may not work for you.  With that in mind, don’t let heartburn acid reflux keep you from exercising.  Always remind yourself of the importance of exercise to keeping your weight down, your body healthy, and your GERD symptoms under control.  Should you be unsuccessful with one kind of exercise, have your doctor suggest an alternative.

If you can’t seem to find an exercise that will agree with you yet, you may wish to speak to your doctor about taking over-the-counter antacids before you exercise, to avoid the risk of exercise-induced acid reflux symptoms. This may be the advantage you need to get your weight down to a point where you may find that you don’t need antacids anymore when you increase your activity level. The more you maintain a good weight and exercise level, the more you may find that your heartburn acid reflux decreases to a much more manageable degree.

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