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Guide to Choosing the Best Wine Rack Kit

Posted in Wine Rack Kit on May 4th, 2007

In 2004, the movie Sideways was released, where it quickly received critical and public acclaim.The story centers on two friends who take a wine tasting trip as they wrestle with their own personal shortcomings. As the movie took off, so did the country’s fascination with all things wine.Today, fueled in large part by that film, more people than ever before are collecting and displaying wines.And although it may often be an overlooked element in most wine collections, the wine rack can be just as important as the bottles.In this article, we’ll provide you with an easy guide to choosing the best wine rack kit for your collection.

The first thing you should do is honestly evaluate your collection and its potential for growth.If you only plan on keeping 10 – 20 bottles at a time, it certainly doesn’t make sense to purchase a wine rack that holds hundreds of bottles. On the other hand, if you plan on increasing your collection, make sure you buy a wine rack with plenty of space.

The next consideration when choosing a wine rack is the material of the rack.While there are several different options available, the most popular tend to be those made of wood or metal.This decision is basically one of personal preference, as both racks look amazing and are very functional.

The next thing you need to determine is where you plan on keeping the wine rack.Do you have enough space to accommodate a wall-mounted or free-standing rack?Or do you only have enough room for a counter-top variety?Another thing you have to consider is that wine must be kept at very strict temperatures, and you must choose a spot in the home that allows for these conditions to be met.Your wine collection should be kept at between 50 – 60 degrees and preferably be kept in a cool, dark place.This is the reason many people opt for a freestanding wine rack in a wine cellar.If you do decide to go with a counter-top wine rack, it is crucial that you keep it away from any windows, as the sunlight will surely ruin the wine.

The last consideration when choosing a wine rack kit is your personal level of carpentry skills (as well as frustration).While many wine racks are simple to assemble using pieces that fit perfectly together, still others require a great deal of building knowledge.After all, if you make a mistake building a complicated wine rack, you could end up viewing your collection as a puddle on the floor.

There are a few final things to consider before choosing the right wine rack for your collection.First, make sure the rack is strong enough to hold all of your wine bottles. This also includes any future additions to the collection.Secondly, make sure that all wine bottles are kept on their side, as this allows for the cork to stay moist and your wine to stay fresh.

This guide to choosing the best wine rack kit should help you make a better decision in displaying your own personal collection.Remember to choose a wine rack that will adequately showcase your bottles, while at the same time fitting into your space and budget constraints.Cheers!